MYD Project 2020

We are in the midst of fighting against covid-19 across the globe.

Business Shall Resume Soon. Thanks So Much For Your Patience


"ANNOUNCEMENT - it's official! myd token is now listed in atomic swap wallet -" 

Warm Welcome to Manage Your Debt Project and this is the solvency introduction for both individuals and entrepreneurship across the globe. Do subscribe for our Pre-Sale soon!

About MYD Project

Let’s face it, everyone in the world is facing financial difficulties ranging from all aspects of life. Ranging from employees:
  • With low salary that unable to provide the living to their family especially working and living abroad.
  • Easily fall into loan offer with commitments to pay monthly fix installments whereby unable to have own financial freedom for themselves or per individuals.
  • While having the commitment to pay for the monthly loan but the respective employer / working company might not doing so well as the results might decrease salary or even retrenchment.
  • Spouses who left and leave them with debt to pay such as housing loan, education and insurance for kids who is living with single parent.
  • Young or Middle age generation wants to start business but unable to get funding or even having the hassle to apply.
Here, individuals / entrepreneurs are given opportunity for:
  • Create own Token which is under our platform to mint, listed and swap with BTC.
  • Just one and only MYD (ERC20 Token) which can be swap for BTC and send to your Bank Account. (Depending on the exchange rates daily).
  • Apart from having to trade, users can continue its own token minting.
We Do Not Have Pre-Sale Token as Anyone can directly Buy or Order our MYD Token to Swap for BTC and directly send to your Bank Account today! With proof of Outstanding Loans, Identification as form of KYC procedures.

Swap MYD Token Today!


Our team

Jennifer Sim

Founder of MYD Project - Holder SWL1 ERC20 Token and SWL EOS Based Token

Marcel Onyeka

Adviser for Entrepreneurship

Nellie Tan

Co-Founder - Holder of TJK ERC20 Token and TJK EOS Based Token

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